Application For Permanent Registration Of Persecuted Minorities To Practice Modern Medicine/Allopathy In India

Instructions for Filling the Application Form
(Read the instructions/Pre-requisite carefully before filling the application form)

1. Scanned copy of applicant's recent photograph with following specification.
i. Photograph should be in formals
ii. Photograph must be a passport size color picture
iii. Photograph must be a taken in full face view directly facing the camera
iv. Photograph should have no shadow and red eyes.
v. Photo format should be.jpg or.jpeg only
vi. Filename should be of 10character maximum
2. Form to be filled in English only.
3. The application reference no. and the filled in application information will be sent to your email account.
4. You must give your mobile number in basic details as you will receive an OTP on this mobile number for validation purposes.
5. Fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory

Application for Permanent Registration of persecuted minorities to practice modern medicine/allopathy in India