Ethics & Medical Registration Board

Functions Of Ethics and Medical Registration Board

  1. Maintain National Registers of all licensed medical practitioners;
  2. Regulate professional conduct and promote medical ethics in accordance with the regulations made under this Act:
    Provided that the Ethics and Medical Registration Board shall ensure compliance of the code of professional and ethical conduct through the State Medical Council in a case where such State Medical Council has been conferred power to take disciplinary actions in respect of professional or ethical misconduct by medical practitioners under respective State Acts;
  3. Develop mechanisms to have continuous interaction with State Medical Councils to effectively promote and regulate the conduct of medical practitioners and professionals;
  4. Exercise appellate jurisdiction with respect to the actions taken by a State Medical Council.

Name Of The Members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Vacant President
2. Dr Vijaya Lakshmi Nag Whole-time Member
3. Dr. Yogender Malik Whole-time Member
4. Vacant Part-time Member
5. Dr. Nishant Warwade Part-time Member
(Tenure completed on 24.09.2022)