Annexure IV



One-day Sensitization programme on Attitude and Communication (AETCOM) module for Resource Faculty of Nodal & Regional Centres, MEU coordinators/Co-coordinators, MEU faculty, Faculty Curriculum Committee members

# Time Component Resource Faculty
8:30 A.M. (30 min) Registration and Inauguration
1. 9:00 AM (30 min) Introduction
GMR: Goal, Roles, Competencies
Overview of attitudinal competencies in revised GMR
Project AT-COM: purpose, mission and objectives
2. 9:30 AM
The AT-COM booklet : structure, content and requirements
Introduction; Walking through AT-COM; Teaching AT-COM: who, what, when and how
3. 10:30A.M
30 min
Open House
4. 11:00 A.M. Tea Break
5. 11:15 AM
90 min
Linking of AT-COM modules with Competencies, Objectives, Teaching-Learning methods and Assessment.
Use Template from AT-COM competencies:
I. Competency, Objective & Teaching Learning
II. Competency, Objective & Assessment
6. 12:45 PM Lunch
7. 1:30 P.M.(60 min) Teaching Ethics cases
8. 2:30 PM (45 min) Teaching Communication skills cases
9. 3:15 P.M. Tea
10. 3:30 P.M. (60 min) Reflection
11. 4.30 PM (30 min) Open House